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Hi, I'm Louie.


Louie George Michael makes furniture as fun as a Wham song! 

As for me, I am what one could call a George-of-all-trades. My baguette under my armpits will always betray my french blood but I will confuse you with my mid west American accent. I grew up discovering the world from the back seat of my parents car, drawing since I can remember holding a pencil. I started as an Architect, where I understood how to develop a relevant concept and sleepless work. With the ambition of gaining more control over my creations, I dedicated myself to craftsmanship.

Woodworking became my playground and furniture, my field of experimentation. To express my love to my new homeland Quebec, Canada, I devoted my collection to promote its local treasure: Maple wood. Elegant, tough and flexible, my contradictory designs challenge the limits of gravity.

I treat my furniture as an architecture to create a dialogue between its environment and its user. Playful, each piece comes to life through humour and a sophisticated game of shape and balance.

Who we are

Handmade in our Montreal studio, we believe that contemporary craftsmanship is key to sustainable making, not only by our choice of materials but also our ethics with accessibility to work. As a woman defending my spot in a man's world, it's my honour to represent our necessity and uniqueness.

The parallel universe we created is stuck on a beach with never ending sunsets, non sticky sand and bottomless cocktails. By adopting our design make your interior feel like an everlasting holiday.

What we do

You like our universe?

We can create original designs for your needs:

furniture, interiors, architecture...

There's no limit!

Conception, customs, production and prototyping we are only an email away.​

Rattan and Weaving specialist

We sell     Learn more here


Rattan is our material of predilection, you can purchase professional quality of caning webbing by the foot. You can also buy kits to learn how to cane from the comfort of your home.

We Repair   Learn more here


Situated in Montréal, we offer:

- a caning replacement for pressed cane and hand caning

- a weaving repair such as danish cord or rush.

Send us a picture with the dimensions to make you a quote.

Our team

Atelier Cub + Juliette Huneau - Who never puts limits to our crazy ideas

Laurence Poirier - The eye behind the camera: she made us stand out with her stunning pictures.

Al Nadeau-Farley - Light and movement has no secret for him: he captures our soul and puts it in rhythm and motion.

Alexander Cook -The magician who transforms our universe into music.

Kopo - Our past collaborators, we will always miss.

Privacy Policy Learn more here

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